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Only laboratory, educational, scientific, and informational purposes are served by the data and/or goods sold on chemsconnect.com . The only intended use for the products offered by Chemical Planet is in vitro research. Meaning that under no circumstances is veterinary (animal) or human research allowed. The actions of organizations, companies, or people who purchase our product are not our responsibility.

You acknowledge and agree that Chemical Planet will not accept liability for damage caused by improper use of any research chemicals you inquire about or purchase from us. The customer is aware that handling these compounds carries some risk.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to be aware of the laws governing the importation and possession of the ordered products when making an inquiry or purchasing any of the compounds from Chemical Planet. You will be taken to have confirmed the legitimacy of imported substances in your nation and to have agreed that they are being tested under the appropriate safety safeguards. You concur that no potentially damaging research will be conducted.


The substances that Chemical Planet sells are not restricted or schedule-controlled in the United States. Making sure a purchase is legitimate in the jurisdiction in which it is made is entirely the buyer’s responsibility. No legal standing of any of our products in any Province, municipality, or Country is claimed by us.


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